Cool Science Sites:

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ABC Science: Awesome stuff from film clips to activity plans from the ABC in Australia.

The Octonauts: A somewhat accurate but entirely entertaining animated show about underwater sea creatures which is a BIG hit with the preschool set.

Sid the Science Kid on PBS KIDS:  fun animated science show for the younger set,

with [mostly] accurate musical explanations of scientific phenomena: Great teachers resources at the PBS website

Fun information and great interaction at Ask A Biologist:

Practice your virtual DNA work in this activity for middle-school age kids and up from PBS:

Leaf Movement videos at Dr. C. Robertson McClungs webpage:

[Explanation here: ]

Plants-in-Motion theater from Dr. Roger P. Hangarters lab:

DNA Interactive [lots of great explanations and animations about DNA! ]:

The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Dolan DNA Learning Center Animations:

Looking for spooky worm movies? Check THESE out!

Fun science games:


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