Dr. Janetís Science Planet Workshops


Dr. Janet runs fun hands-on STEM workshops for preschools, elementary schools, daycares, libraries, community centers, and other organizations on the South Shore of Boston


†††† All workshops are personally run by Dr. Janet, a†† laboratory-trained Ph.D. & science television show host


Schools/Preschools/Daycare Timeslots:

These have a repeated core workshop + set-up/clean-up


A 2.5 hour timeslot includes:

30 min set-up

1.5 hours of repeated core workshops

30 min clean-up


Student number maximums are to encourage participation and maximize involvement.


Preschool age: 3 X 30 minutes, topic repeated

10-student maximum per 30 minutes = 30 students total

†† †††††††††††With teacher involvement


Elementary School age: 2 X 45 minutes, topic repeated

20-student maximum per 45 minutes = 40 students total

†††††††††††† With teacher involvement



See ages above

After school timeslots are available


Libraries and Other Organizations:

30 Ė 45 minute workshop, depending on age

10 children maximum

With parent/guardian accompaniment


Middle School and High School workshops are in development! Stay tuned!



If your organization is on the South Shore of Boston, and you are interested in booking a live STEM workshop please email Dr. Janet for availability and pricing at

*Deposit is due at time of booking*


Workshop Topics



All activities listed are general guides and are subject to change according to availability of materials and changes in content


Elementary School and Preschool workshops cover similar topics;Elementary School workshops are longer and go into more depth


Student number maximums are to encourage participation and maximize involvement.


How sound waves work

How to capture sound waves

Tin foil recording

Record albums

Cup telephones to take home

Acids & Bases:

Scientific methods

What is acid, neutral, and base?

What is an indicator?

Using an indicator to tell pH

Hands-on experiments with a mild acid and a mild base


What properties of light make it unique?

How do we perceive light?

What ways can we bend light?

Camera obscuras to take home


[Elementary only]

Insects transform!

What is an insect?

What are the life cycle stages of an insect?

What are larvae?

Looking at live larvae

Looking at preserved insects


[Elementary only]

What are fingerprints?

How are fingerprints formed?

What make fingerprints similar?

What make fingerprints unique?

Students will take and classify their own fingerprints



In development:

Giant Bubbles


Middle School topics

High School intensives



Birthday Parties


Do you run birthday parties?

Unfortunately, Dr. Janet only runs workshops for schools, preschools, daycares, libraries, and other organizations.


Visit the Dr. Janetís Science Planet activities page for some fun science activities you could use at your own birthday party.








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